‘Bohemian Kings X – SWAN SONG ‘

a film about the local iconic identities

in the days before gentrification.

October 1st 3pm TAP Gallery

+ Balinese snacks.



Bohemian Kings X Swan song - Tap gallery

2004 was the last kings cross festival organised by the Kings Cross Arts Guild.
I was lucky enough to interview the famous bohemian artists still alive at that time since then over half of these interviewees have passed.
This 30 minute documentary is a testament to their work and their place in the history of Kings Cross Bohemian Artists.
It holds space for them and their view on the gentrification of Kings Cross during the laying of the plaques.
Please see the credits for the list of artists interviewed and their late artist friends of this magical time in the under mentioned Kings Cross ArtHistory between 1970-90 and onwards

Produced, filmed and directed by JayneeAM

Edited by Andy Bambach

In Your Face Productions

Bohemian Artists

Fifi L’Amour 1954-2012 Surreal cabaret singer and performer

1970s Sydney co-founded Cabaret Conspiracy

Elizabeth Burton 1947-2021 Performance artist and stripper

Edwin Duff 1928-2012 Big band jazz singer

Vittorio Bianchi of the Piccolo Bar Cafe Café worker (40 years +) and performance artist

Ayesha Performance artist at famed Kings Cross nightclub Les Girls

Glen Lewis (Ms 3D) Performance artist Artist, dancer and costume designer

Fabian LoSchiavo Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Social commentator

Gavin Harris Cross Art and Books owner Doctorate in Philosophy in visual arts and bibliophile

Sir Wayne Martin Pink Pussycat strip club employee Founder of first jazz club Kings Cross

Barry Minhinnick Resident and caretaker Hensley Hall Bayswater Road

Robyn Greaves Kings Cross Arts Guild President 2004 Kings Cross Festival co coordinator

Christopher Pearl 1939-2022 Photographer

Toby Zoates Visual artist theatrical productions films comic books

John Mackie Musician busking at festival Performed nationally and internationally

Marty Mooney Musician busking at festival Member of Galapagos Duck Jazz band 1969

Norm Kingsland Pharmacist City of Sydney Council

Shirley Fitzgerald City of Sydney Council Historian

Dixie Coulton Former Deputy Mayor of Sydney

Performance Artists and Legends

Michael Matou 1947-1987 Artist performer and visionary Created Sideshow Theatre Company

Lindsay Kemp 1938-2018 Performance artist and visionary 1974 flagship production of Flowers

Martin Raphael Sideshow partnership with Michael Matou Author of Sideshow Theatre Company Chronicle

Martin Sharp 1942-2013 Front cover of Sideshow Theatre Company Chronicle

Cigarette (Patricia Salway ) Performance artist Lindsay Kemp company and Sideshow

Simon Reptile 1954-1994 Performance artist actor clothing designer

Abe Saffron 1919-2006 Entrepreneur club owner on the golden mile Kings Cross 1940’s. Patron of the Arts who brought singers out like Frank Sinatra

while supporting emerging artists in Sydney \

Original Venues from the Cross


Bourbon and Beefsteak Bar

Pink Pussycat

Pink Panther

Piccolo Bar


Rex Hotel

Barrel Theatre

Gazebo Hotel


Please note to full film screening will be launch 1st October at 3pm.

TAP Gallery

Bohemian Kings-X Swan Song


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