Tap Gallery Floor Plan

TAP Gallery Floor Plans

See also: our Exhibition Agreement.

Click the images below for full-size PDFs and the 3D model. PDFs and 3D model by Indigo.

If you would like us to generate a 3D model with your artworks included, please contact info@tapgallery.org.au – you will need to supply us with images of your works.

Floor Plan – Plan View

Tap Gallery Plan ViewPlan View

Top View

Tap Gallery Top View Top View

3D Model (.3dm)

Tap Gallery Internal View from 3D modelTap Gallery 3d model

This model can be viewed with the Rhino apps (Windows, MacOs, iOS), Adobe Illustrator (Windows, MacOs), SketchUp (Windows), etc.

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Level 1, 259 Riley St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Tap Gallery Floor Plan