My work draws its inspiration from colours. Deep reds and greens or rich ultramarine/lapis blue are in strong contrast. To combine these colours together creates a tension. A dramatic mix of spirit and flesh.
I used these colours in “A nude man swimming in the ocean”. I employed a raw emotional energy to paint an abstracted ocean that has a strong sense of ‘rudeness’.
I have used green and pink for “The art class”, the result is a gentle and poetic relationship.
I also tend to have a powerful primary and secondary palette, mixing them to get black and gray, which creates a profound mystery.
“The view of the ANZAC bridge from the balcony after sunset” shows this result.
l liked to mix Australian Salmon Gum and deep Red  into the tonal base of some of my paintings, it creating kind of quiet and solitude mood.“The Living Room” is an example.

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