“The Shape of Things” play by Neil La Bute. From 22 Aug to 2 Sept, shows at 7 pm at the TAP

Directed by Ashley Lyons

Neil Labute is a master storyteller of the carnage that is the battle of the sexes. His battlefields are the cafes, museums, parks and bedrooms of the middle class. THE SHAPE OF THINGS is a no different, when Adam, a nebbish undergrad working as a museum guard meets Evelyn, a talented and sharp witted artiste with whom he forms a deep and intense attraction. But love, as in art, is in the eye of the beholder and their relationship is as intense as is it unnerving. What is love? THE SHAPE OF THINGS asks this question. Can it be fashioned, can it be made, or is it just a shape of what we want it to be?
Dates: August 22- September 2nd
Venue: TAP Gallery Sydney (256 Riley Street)
Tickets: $25 on sale online/at the door at www.trybooking.com/QHLW
A powerhouse reflection upon what humanity holds dear. Our ideas, our minds, our body or our shape?