Alice and her family moved permanently to Australia in 1990, first living in Darwin and working for ABC Television as the head of the Graphic Design Department, producing art for the news and weather. Alice work brought her to Sydney where she studied Dispute Resolution and qualified as a Master in Dispute Resolution.

Alice’s work is influenced by the abstract expressionists, such as Pollock, Van Gough, Rothko, Miro, and Matisse. Her strong use of colour is dominant in all of her art work. She strived to prefect a new flowing technique that started in her work in Berlin in 2015. Alice has been working in her new studio in Sylvania in Sutherland, producing a new series of artwork since her last show WHY NOT in 2016.


Mazin Ahmad: Title ‘Royal Cart’ $3500


Alice Hattom– Title:’Black Red Edge Rose’ $1600

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