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I have often heard single women in the dating scene say “there are no good men out there” or “all the good men are taken”.

This is simply not true.

In my last few years coaching men, it’s become obvious that there are plenty of awesome single guys in this country. But they’re usually the quieter ones, not the alpha “life of the party” types who attract a lot of attention from women.

Women can initially find the man who wears the alpha mask quite fun and exciting, but the novelty usually wears off quickly as the emotional numbness of these men starts to reveal itself.

Ladies, it’s fair enough if you’d have had some crappy experiences that you end up feeling jaded about today’s dating scene. It can sure be a minefield out there, but there’s gold if you know how to look.

There are two important truths here:

The first is that YOU are responsible for whatever patterns you are experiencing in your dating life. The way to improve your experience is to examine what is within your power to change and to make the necessary changes, not to believe external causes are responsible for your experience.

The second is that there are LOADS of great guys out there. However many of them struggle to understand how to confidently engage with a woman and express their interest. There are whole bunch of reasons as to why this is the case, the two most common being fear of rejection and not wanting to appear like a creep. The men that do have that confidence are often the boofheads who are not the kind of guys you want to get involved with.

So, having been asked on numerous occasions if I could offer something for women, I’m taking the plunge and running an evening workshop for women in Sydney, to help you have a better experience in your dating life, drawing on my background working with men around relating to women.

This workshop is NOT for women who want Prince Charming. Who want the “perfect” man. There is no perfect person, neither man or woman. If you’re looking for Mr Perfect, this workshop is not for you.

This workshop IS for women who understand that there are plenty of good men are out there if you know HOW to look, and they’ll also come with their growth areas as part of the package. The journey of relationship is one of supporting each other to grow as people, enjoying each other’s strengths but also being willing to work with the inevitable insecurities and points of difference, and being committed to ride the highs and lows together.

In the first half of this workshop, we’ll explore some of the common beliefs women hold about men, that prevent them from having the kind of romantic life they’d like. We’ll also talk through the 5 most important things to focus on for an enjoyable and successful dating experience.

In the second half of the workshop a panel of awesome men will attend as part of a Q&A forum where you’ll be able to ask the men any questions you’d like to about dating and relationships.

This is an experiment for me, and part of the reason I’m doing it is because the idea of offering something like this for women intimidates me. It’s an edge for me, and I like to challenge myself. An event like this will no doubt attract both positive and negative attention. So be it.

It’s my firm belief that a lot of the problems in the world come down to men not understanding women and women not understanding men. I’m confident the women who attend are going to walk away understanding men a lot better, and with helpful insights to improve the quality of their dating experience and relationships with men.

So Sydney ladies, if you resonate with what you’re reading here and would like to come along, registration details are at the link below.

I look forward to seeing you there


Thursday 17th October, 2019
6.30pm – 9.30pm
Tap Gallery, 259 Riley St, Surry Hills
Cost: $30

Places are limited.

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Dave McDermott has over 16 years of coaching and facilitation experience in both the corporate and not-for-profit sectors. He has spent the last few years working primarily with men around their dating life and relationships with women. He brings his experience as a coach for men, to help women understand men better and avoid unnecessary suffering in the dating world.

Dave’s personal story is one of being in a real mess for a while around his dating life and relationships with women. His struggles drew him to question the traditional models of masculinity and femininity he’d grown up with, and to embrace a healthier model where people have the courage to be vulnerable and 100% authentic.

Dave is a passionate coach and plays in both the life-coaching and corporate coaching spaces. He facilitates workshops, programs and retreats, helping men and women be more empowered in their romantic lives. He runs a private coaching practice for individuals who are focused on turning a passion project into their primary source of income, and coaches existing small business owners to run a successful business and have a life at the same time! Dave is also a happy member of an executive coaching team, coaching executives of large companies for high performance.


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