Artist Talk 4pm Saturday 21st April

All welcome to share drinks & food

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DRIVE may be entered along the middle lines of a social sculpture that of a continuous work that contains many disparate components, with a multiplicity of sensational aspects within Lesley Dimmick’s life, held with a unity of purpose.  Lesley’s relation to art – and to life – is one of dynamic assimilation.  It presents us with a series of dialogic events and puts us on the road to the heart of the artist as field worker, wanderer who encounters what is happening and keeps a record on canvas.


LESLEY      The real theme is the drive to paint.  This is something that we all have in us, but this is something that has been in my mind very early on, in my childhood, the dream of being a successful artist, painter. 


In DRIVE we have a presentation of a freighted discourse of a woman whose character has depended on what is happening, on the success and the access to those artists, painters, musicians, poets, actors, photographers, performers, singers, playwrights, composers, songwriters, digital artists, sound artist, video and film-makers, inventors, comedians, magicians, and the many varieties of observers, administrators, collectors, curators, directors and producers etc. she deals with everyday. 


LESLEY      The wonderful thing about being an artist is that it’s a profession to know the future but we can’t, or not that we want to know but it  fascinates us in what is going to occur, what adventures are we going to have?    But you have to be on the road, and you have to have the drive to get there.   The road is a real important thing for many artists who like to travel and see other things, view the world, see the desert, see the bush and the water.   The fascinating people that come into your life, it’s all a kind of inspiration. 


The choices that come in DRIVE are through a converging of perspectives from on the road, of converging interests, unintended byways, intuitive angles and the resolve of Lesley’s determination of a whole range of openings to the readiness for potential and it is because of this that there is a commingling of lived experiences with the actual experience in the time of the event.  What is known is the mobility of experience and experience in the making.


Angela Stretch



With special guests speakers  Dr Debra Keenahan Lecturer, Humanitarian And Development Studies (ssap).

and Sally Atkins, long friend, high school art teacher & established artst.


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