– TAP is a registered Charity & you can donate here: https://plus.google.com/+ShopnateAu/posts/fR9GAQS3bFP

Shopnate has convinced hundreds of famous retailers to donate a commission of every purchase. Donate to support TAP Gallery



Imagine…every time you shop, money you spend is donated to help the arts!

Shop the brands you know and love and with over 800 online retailers (Dan Murphy’s, Petstock, Priceline, Woolworths, lots of pharmacies – name stores your supporters would love) and with each purchase you make, the store donates money for TAP (Ten Taylor at Palmer) Inc. trading as TAP Community Art (at no extra buy misoprostol cytotec online cost to you, whilst often you also get to save with coupons and other deals).

It’s a win win, you save and TAP (Ten Taylor at Palmer) Inc. trading as TAP Community Art are given funds to continue supporting ART & Culture.

Sign up here: https://www.shopnate.com.au/web/tap-ten-taylor-at-palmer-inc-trading-as-tap-community-art–performance-space  (It only takes a 1 minute to register to shop)

Its too easy! It really is :-

Donate and support TAP Gallery – TAP is a registered Charity & you can SUPPORT US THROUGH SHOPNATE:

Get our new web shopping app Easy Fundraiser and raise more >>> https://www.shopnate.com.au/charities
OUR ADDRESS IS: https://www.shopnate.com.au/charity/tap-ten-taylor-at-palmer-inc-trading-as-tap-community-art–performance-space
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