Dave Ross

Surrealistic Moondance

Dave Ross’ energetic new Body of Work is a poetic reflection on contemplations, emotions and sentiments that are evocative of a bygone era. Here, Pop Art, Abstract Expressionism and Surrealism are united in a calamity of visceral brush-strokes that pulsate the energy of a spirit that envelops the canvas and entraps the life-force within. Ross uses wash, splatters, dribbles and splashes as a material extension of his psyche that is unravelled in a stream of consciousness on the canvas that is a reconstruction of his sub-conscious. Fleeting images seem to appear, but at once disappear from view as if in a mirage. His tacit images suggest, rather than define, joyful beings from another world that exist somewhere between the form and the formless – the structural and the ethereal.

Ross’ gestural creations are evocative of a spiritual world of joy and hope that is expressed through the energetic handling of brush and paint that presents us with his distinctive mystical statement of the other world.

His works – with such titles as – “Les Jours Hereaux” (The Happy Days), “Just Dig a Sunburnt Country”, “Just Switchin’ on the Strobes”…. – are a jubilant exclamation of peace, happiness, and goodwill.

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