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Painting Classes at Pyrmont Festival

Painting Classes At Pyrmont Festival   Saturday and/or Sunday Painting Classes Painting classes at Pyrmont Festival can be booked for sat or sun, starting 1:30pm and running for 2hrs facilitated by     Extra Information & Contacts for What you will get Expert tuition from an experienced Artist. Read more…

VISIONS OF COLOUR by Maria Moshonis 16-22 September – Opening Night. Wed 18 Sept 6pm – 8pm Meet the Artist Sat 21 Sept 5pm – 8pm

Maria graduated from the KvB Institute of Design and currently works from a home based studio. ‘When I pick up a paintbrush art is created. I work with acrylic and watercolour mediums creating beautiful abstract art.’
Projects during 2010 – 2017 required me to work closely with Interior Stylists and Designers all over Australia including regional and major cities.
My previous exhibitions included Tap Art Gallery, Darlinghurst Sydney.
Extending my creativity to clay I now also have a passion for Pottery.