Ann Lin

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Ann Lin (Lan Zi, Chinese name: 兰子 ), is a Chinese-born Australian artist and writer. She has lived in Sydney since 1988 (she lived and worked in HongKong, in 1994-1995). She graduated from the University of NSW, Australia, where she studied commerce.

She sees herself as an “Abstract Expressionist painter”, dominated by the inspiration which emanated from her thoughts:

“I am a modern art painter. American modern art, especially Abstract Expressionism, is my direction and path”.

“I tried many different styles: realistic, semi-abstract, naïve style, etc, until one day I met Abstract Expressionism. It strove to convey emotions and ideas through the making of marks, through forms, textures, shades, and the particular quality of brushstrokes. These are what I want to do in my paintings.’

“I had found my path since that moment”.


Solo Exhbibitions

  • First Solo Exhibition 2012 – Landscape, Tap Gallery
  • Second Solo Exhibition 2017 – Landscape & Interiors, Tap Gallery
  • Third Solo Exhibition 2018 – Landscape & Interiors, Figures, Tap Gallery

Group exhibitions:

  • 2012 in Tap Gallery
  • 2013 in Tap Gallery
  • 2014 in Tap Gallery
  • 2015 in Tap Gallery
  • 2016 in Tap Gallery


As a writer, Ann Lin started writing prose for the newspapers in Mainland China in 1984.

Book 《青草地》 (“Qing Cao Di”) (group, with some other writers, prose) published in 1997 by Chinese publisher in mainland China,

Novel, Songs Of The Chu 《楚歌》, published by Otherland Australia, as a special edition of Otherland, No.14, 2011 and then published by Baihuazhou 《百花洲出版社》, called 《金合欢爱人》 (“Jin He huan Ai Ren”) in the following year in mainland China.

Novel, JieJie 《姐姐》, published by Jiangxin people’s Publishing House(江西人民出版社)in mainland China on October 2017.

Contact information:

Mobile: +61405156289