My subjects were always Vanitas (transcience), fragility of nature and how far away human beings are from nature, the battle with the sexes and love, also the difference between the inner self and the loud outer world with all the unnecessary and false values in the eye of our mortality.

This time I want to call my exhibition “World Wehmut I”  (“World Wehmut II ” follows on the 5th june 2018, 6 pm, at Tap gallery) as so many things are in degenerated disorder on this planet.

It will be about my very actual feelings, what all this wrongs of pollution and unfairness, dirty oceans and wrong macho male decisions create in my heart.

It is the effort to create immediate archaic images of my soul who are truely connected with what really would be important and meaningful to life on this planet rather than money, progress, power, industry, machines.

I am always in search for true love on all levels.

The German word ” Wehmut” menas something like “Melancholy”.

This exhibition follows my last four ones : “Unknown Seas” (Germany 2017),  “Echoes in Eternity” (Sydney 2016), ” Call of the Wilderness” (Germany 2015) and “Beyond Calculation” (Sydney Global Gallery 2014).



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