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Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easy for artists and charities such as Tap to get paid. Fans pay TapGallery a subscription amount of their choice in exchange for exclusive experiences and behind-the-scenes content. TapGallery gets a meaningful revenue stream and fans get closer to the creators they love most. That’s the definition of a win-win.   For fans: Patreon is a way to support your favorite creators for making the stuff you love. Instead of literally throwing money at your screen (trust us, that doesn’t work), you can now pledge a few bucks per exhibition shown at Tap. For example, if you pledge $2 per video, and the Gallery releases 3 videos in February, then your card gets charged a total of $6 that month. This means the Gallery gets paid regularly (every time Tap releases something new), and you become a bonafide, real-life patron of the arts.