artwork by Mor Mor Mutthi Mutthi
Not only do finalists get to be seen in Sydney, but the winner then gets transported to California (just as interest in Aboriginal art is zooming in the US following the Gagosian show of Steve Martin’s collection) with the chance to create an artwork there for the Ventura community. This is the Vita Art Centre’s 2019 iteration of its pioneering  Global Artist Initiative, which in the past has involved Cuba, Mexico, Afghanistan and North Korea

Initially, images of 5 artworks should be entered, but only one will then be selected for Sydney. In California, up to 15 paintings (no 3D works) will be shown – shipping at the Global Artist Initiative’s expense.

Hope you can quickly inform your membership. Closing date for entries is 31st July.

Here are the details:

Cheers – Jeremy Eccles (